With everything that is going on in British politics right now voting in a local election may feel like a bit of a waste of time. But, in the current times of uncertainty it has never been more important to focus on our community, focus on our issues and focus on our future.

It is time to put the needs and affairs of Wokingham first, deal with our issues, seize our opportunities and take control of our destiny.

We have a lot to be excited about as a community.

  1. Completion of the Peach Place, Elms Field and Town Centre rejuvenation projects.
  2. New national and boutique retailers opening their doors.
  3. A new cinema and hotel in the town centre.
  4. New roads, schools, parks and affordable housing.
  5. Increased recycling and energy generation.

There is always more that needs to be done though.

  • We need to scale back our house building programme and allow our infrastructure chance to catch up.
  • We need to resolve and dramatically reduce the roadworks through the Borough.
  • We need to combat the anti-social behaviour that has blighted our community recently.
  • We need to protect our green spaces, parks and recreation areas.
  • We need to be proactive in improving the health and well being of all our residents.

I want to do all this and more as Norreys Ward representative on Wokingham Borough Council.

A vote for me is a vote for the future. It is a vote for dealing with our issues and for better serving the needs of our community.

A vote for me is a Vote 4 Wokingham.

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