Last night, in response to my first blog post, a reader asked me a fantastic question, “How are you going to make these things a reality?”

This is a great question for many reasons, but particularly because 1) it shows people are still engaged in local politics despite the situation nationally, and 2) because a promise made without a means to deliver is simply a lie. It is our right and responsibility to challenge all our politicians and candidates.

So, to answer this is what I said….

“That is a great question. Clearly these are big aims and making them a reality won’t be easy. I do feel they are achievable though. How?

Firstly, by objecting too and voting against anything that does not move these aims forward.

Secondly, as a Conservative member of the leading group in Wokingham Borough Council I would have access to many of the discussion forums and group meetings where policy is discussed and agreed. This would give me the chance to shape, influence and proactively drive the direction of policy and that means I can move these objectives forward both incrementally and in large steps.

Thirdly, by working with the employed directors and managers of Wokingham Borough Council I can shape the way policy is implemented both in Norreys and for all of Wokingham.

Finally, by reaching out to all my constituents and listening to your issues and ideas on how we can move these objectives forward. I have already heard some fantastic ideas on the doorstep. I want to harness the power of our collective mind and utilise new technology to crowd source ideas and solutions to then put in front of Wokingham Borough Council and challenge them all into action.

I don’t just want to fill a seat on Wokingham Borough Council, I want to put a huge dent in the side of how they do things. Our town is almost ready for the next 50 years of living, I want to make Wokingham Borough Council ready for it as well.

Please make sure and have your voice heard on May 2nd. It is the only way to get the future you want.”

Vote for Gregor MURRAY, Vote 4 Wokingham.

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