This morning I changed my route and went for a run around Norreys. As I plodded my way down the streets and paths I was struck by a few things;

1) SPEEDING IS AN ISSUE. I was out running at around 8:30 this morning and I was amazed by the number of cars I saw that were racing down our residential streets, even during school drop off times. It struck me that we need to find a way to utilise new technology to curb speeds, especially within 250-300m of our schools. I think an enforced 20mph zone is essential, with cameras and fines for those that break the law and put our children in danger. I would suggest that any fines collected get paid directly to the nearest school to help fund extra circular activities and days out for our kids. I also realised that the Norreys Lollipop Lady is an essential service to the community that I will campaign to protect.

2) MANY ROADS AND PAVEMENTS NEED PROPER REPAIR. I was amazed by the condition of many of the roads in Norreys. A lot of the pavements are cracked and uneven and I rarely saw a road that hadn’t been clearly dug up, patched, dug up, patched, dug up again and patched again. Some of our road works have clearly been in place for a long time as well, especially the ones around building sites. I want to find a way to penalise contractors whose roads works over run, especially those that go on for months without communicating when they will end. As Wokingham Borough have been awarded almost £1.2m for pothole and road repairs I will campaign to ensure Norreys gets its fair share of that money.

3) THERE ARE SOME BEAUTIFUL, HIDDEN GREEN SPACES. Some of the houses and areas I ran past are absolutely beautiful, which just goes to show that, though there are some anti-social elements in our community, there are many many more who take a huge deal of pride in where they live. I am pleased to say that I will be out this weekend at the Norreys litter pick. If any one wants to join us we are meeting at Norreys Church at 10am on Saturday. I also want to push Wokingham in Bloom to run a competition to find our most beautiful neighbourhood and houses. Policing can only go so far to stop anti-social behaviour.. Only by taking pride in where we live will truly overcome the minority’s negative impact on our lives.

4) NORREYS PEOPLE ARE SO NICE. I lost count of the number of people who said ‘good morning’ to me as I ran past (I was the exhausted runner in the bright orange top). I can’t wait to encounter the first person who says “Vote4Wokingham” to me as I pass.

5) EVERY ROAD SEEMED TO BE UPHILL. I don’t know why but I always felt like I was running up hill. Not every road in Norreys can be on an incline, surely. I thought about running in the opposite direction next time but somehow I feel it will still be all uphill.

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