Last night the Leader of WBC, Cllr Julian McGhee Sumner, announced a mass public consultation on housing across the Borough. He has done so to enable us to push back on the Government imposed housing targets that are already stretching our town and our infrastructure to their limit.

Let us remember that 1) every house was new once. 2) that every development in the Borough will have been objected too by somebody & 3) that most people accept that the population of Wokingham is expected to continue to grow into the future.

I actually live in a relatively new build house and I welcome people choosing to come and live in our town. They are no doubt attracted by the same things that attracted my family and I to Wokingham; the excellent schools, the unique market town atmosphere and the proximity to excellent transport links and employment opportunities. Wokingham is an attractive place to live, and long may it continue.

The challenge is that, with 11.2 years worth of our housing target already approved, we need to take a break from approving additional large developments until our infrastructure has had chance to catch up.

We need both the Northern and Southern distributor roads open to relieve the cross town traffic pressure.

We need to complete the new schools and school expansions that will support the new families.

We need to relieve pressure on the medical centre, complete the regeneration of the town centre and give those new areas time to establish themselves.

We need to fix the potholes and the pavements.

We need to ensure that we deliver our affordable housing requirements before we approve more private residential developments.

Cllr McGhee Sumner has taken a bold step with this consultation and I look forward to getting out and campaigning for as much support for this vital initiative as is possible. I implore you to support Cllr McGhee Sumner and Wokingham Borough Council by backing this consultation.

#vote4wokingham #wokey #wokingham #wokinghamboroughcouncil

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