I am never afraid to get my hands dirty and muck in for a good cause, so, today, while others were out campaigning, my fellow Conservative town council candidates and I took to the streets of Norreys and filled some bags with litter. 17 bags in fact.

Tidying up our streets is important, it shows pride in our community and in our environment.

I was expecting the beer cans, soft drink cans and crisp packets. I was not expecting to find a pair of discarded blue boxer shorts, a bag of eight mouldy loaves of bread, a tent or the 800 cigarettes butts that I picked up outside All Saints school entrance.

Litter picks happen all around Wokingham during the year and I would actively encourage you all to get out there and fill some bags. It’s hugely rewarding, extremely satisfying and it gets you out in the fresh air too.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this important community initiative, and to every resident who stopped by to say hello and thank us for what we were doing. Thanks also to Wokingham Borough Council Green Team for arranging the collection and coming to support us.

And if you are missing a pair of blue boxer shorts, I don’t know how you didn’t notice that you had lost them but sorry, they now are in a lorry on their way to be recycled or destroyed.

Enjoy the sunshine, have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to #voteforwokingham on May 2nd.

Another 2.4km for the cause.

woky #wokingham #lovewokingham Norreys Conservative Team Newsline #vote4wokingham

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