I was denied voting in the 1997 General Election by 3 days. The disappointment of not being able to cast my vote and make my voice heard on May 1st 1997 has stuck with me and is one of the reasons why I am so passionate that everyone who is eligible should vote.

When I decided to run for Borough Council one of the groups I knew I wanted to talk directly too was the first time voters. At 18 I had no idea why I should vote in a Borough or Town Council election, or the impact that those bodies would have on my life.

So, yesterday I sat down and wrote to all the 1st times voters in Norreys. 54 brand new voters, all with the opportunity to make their voice heard for the first time.

These 54 will inherit this town and community soon enough. I want to make sure it is prepared for them when they do. The only way to get the future they deserve is to vote for it.

I hope they do exercise their democratic right, and I hope that, if nothing else, it shows them that there are some politicians that do care about the voice of their generation.

Happy Voting.

#vote4wokingham #woky # Wokingham #lovewokingham

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