Isn’t Wokingham beautiful in the sunshine? The Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, I have my shorts on and all around is the sound of people enjoying the outdoors, their gardens and BBQs. I love spring and summer and when the sun is shining there really is no better place to be than Britain.

I was out running this morning and had to stop to take a couple of pictures. One picture that I didn’t get though was of a woman, cycling down London road, steering with her elbows and texting while she peddled. It made me wonder just how important her message had to be, how time critical that it had to be sent right then, that it was worth risking her life, and that of the other road users, just so she could send it in that moment? While cycling?

Whatever you are doing g I hope you have a fantastic Easter Monday. Please don’t text and cycle, or drive, even walking and texting can be dangerous at times too. And please remember to vote on May 2nd. We need to keep this town and Borough beautiful. Voting is your way to ensure that.

#vote4wokingham #woky #wokingham #vote #election #localelections #voteconservative

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