Twas the night before the election and all through the town, not a candidate was stirring not even to frown.

This time tomorrow the count will be underway and up and down the country thousands of candidates will await their faith.

I have been out on the campaign trail for months, knocking on doors, talking to residents, posting leaflets and newspapers, manifestos and pledge letters.

Last weekend I folded 900 of 1430 pledge letters for residents of Norreys. Yesterday alone I walked over 12km delivering them.

I total (I will work out the actual number while I wait for the count tomorrow) I have walked over 150 miles for this campaign. In the January sales I bought a pair of shoes specifically for canvassing…. Now look at them

They only have to last one more day. 24 hours from now we will be waiting with baited breath. Will the months of effort have paid off? Will we be elected?

To everyone who is standing, regardless of party, I admire you for standing up and making your voice heard. Not many want to do what you have done. Not many would put in the hours, write the literature and take the doorstep knockbacks like you have done. Best of luck to you all.

#vote4wokingham #woky #wokingham #conservative #election #localelection #vote #don’tforgettovote

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