Last night I had the honour of attending my first Full Council meeting and witnessing the appointment of our new Borough Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

I also had the honour of taking a seat on the front bench as the newly appointed Executive Member for Climate Emergency.

As part of his speech our new Council Leader declared a Climate Emergency in Wokingham Borough and committed us to being Carbon Neutral by 2030, a commitment I now get to go and deliver on.

I campaigned on the need for a change in our Environmental policy and I am pleased to be able to start this important journey along with the council officers.

My children will be 16 and 13 in 2030 and I look forward to telling them that Wokingham Borough is 100% Carbon Neutral and that their daddy had a hand in making it happen.

Many thanks to all who voted for me and giving me the chance to make a positive impact on our community.

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