It has been two months since I was elected and I can honestly say that they have been two of the most interesting, exciting and overwhelming months of my life.

I never expected to be appointed to the Executive group immediately. I thought I would have a few years sat on the back benches, going to Committee meetings and occasionally getting to input on matters that affect the residents of Norreys. Instead I have been put in charge of leading the Borough’s Climate Emergency initiatives.

Getting to carbon neutral by 2030 is a bold ambition but one that I believe we have a moral duty to deliver for our children and for the future residents of the borough. The first step is to identify what our Carbon Footprint is. Next we need to identify and prioritise our options for reducing our carbon emissions and for offsetting what can’t be eliminated. This won’t be easy and I intend to ask all residents of Wokingham Borough for their ideas of what we can do and how we can improve our environment for all.

Climate change is a global problem, but local actions matter. I am honoured to be leading this initiative for the borough and I look forward to hearing your ideas on what steps we need to take in order to deliver Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

If you already have ideas then please join us at our facebook group, WOKINGHAM BOROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL IDEAS, and share what you think. All ideas are welcome and will be considered when we are planning the actions we chose to take.

Many thanks


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