A sign has been posted today saying that Denmark Street Car Park will close as of midnight Monday 26th August.

For those of you that aren’t aware a developer recently submitted an application to build over 80 flats on the car park site which the Conservative controlled Wokingham Borough Council rejected. Less than a month later this is posted and the car park is set to close.

I was opposed to this car park being turned into flats and I am opposed to this next course of action as a blatant means of attempting to force an inevitable planning appeal to go through.

If we don’t fight to keep this car park open we risk losing it for good. Please sign the petition below and make sure that your voice is added to the growing numbers who want to keep this car park open for public use.


I accept that the land owner has the right to do (within planning regulations) what they want with their land but, there is no logical reason to close down any business that

1. Serves a customer need, and

2. Generates turnover and profit.

Please join us and fight to keep this car park open. Wokingham Borough Conservatives have already rejected the owner’s planning application, now we need to reject this unnecessary, enforced closure.

#woky #wokingham #lovewokingham

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