I am very pleased to say that Wokingham Borough Council has used some of its developer contributions to upgrade and improve the footpath that runs from Keephatch road to the A329. I know that the path is well used by both runners, ramblers and dog walkers and it is great to see that it has been turned from a muddy path to a proper all-weather surface path.

The old path was well known to flood and so the works were undertaken to prevent this recurring problem and implement surface upgrades. The works were undertaken to prevent recurring flooding problems and to upgrade the surface from mud to limestone chips.

Wokingham Borough Council have also cleared ditches and taken measure to improve water flow and further help prevent flooding. 

Wokingham Town Councillor, Daniel Hinton, and I took a walk up there yesterday to inspect the works and to take in the amazing view of open fields that can be found just on the other side of the foot bridge.

#woky #wokers #wokingham #vote4wokingham #lovewokingham #keephatch

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