Hi, I am one of the Borough Councillors for Norreys and want to remind everyone in Norreys that if they need assistance during the coronavirus period I am here to help or point them towards help.

Although you might think this offer is aimed at vulnerable or isolated people, those who usually cope perfectly well could find themselves in difficulty by the nature of this virus and the measures needed from Public Health advice given.

If you think that I can help with something, no matter how trivial, or if you are concerned about a neighbour and don’t feel able to help them yourself, you can call/text me on

07486 455760 or contact me by email at gregor.murray@wokingham.gov.uk

For info, your full list of town councillors, including me, can be found here https://wokingham.moderngov.co.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1

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