Today (Wednesday March 18) the Government announced that all schools would be closed from Monday March 23 until further notice except for children of key workers and the most vulnerable children. When further guidance and information on this is available it will be shared.

Developments since previous update:

Wokingham borough is currently keeping its libraries, leisure centres and community centres open because of the social and health benefits they bring. This decision is being kept under review
Party leaders’ briefing sessions are being held daily with the chief executive, deputy chief executive and other relevant officer as required. Your party leaders will be able to provide a single point of contact for your questions and concerns
A very productive partnership with the community and voluntary sector is developing. We have agreed a single point of contact for those residents needing support in the community and for those people willing to volunteer to help and are promoting these widely. The contacts a
For people needing advice or practical support: The CAB on 0300 330 1189 or email:

For those wanting to volunteer either contact a group you know directly or visit

We are publicising this via our Facebook page are also printing flyers for distribution across the borough. These will be available for door-to-door delivery soon with details being arranged with party leaders.

We are also promoting local ‘good neighbour’ responses. A printable note to drop through neighbours doors is downloadable on our single point of information online here

Advice for residents

Please see the updated Government advice here Information about coronavirus, Covid-19, and people’s health such as what the symptoms are and how to stop it spreading – is here Information about the overall situation – such as the number of cases and where they are, and what countries are affected is here
A good FAQ has been compiled by the NHS and is available here


Someone has a confirmed case of Covid-19 – Isolated in hospital and treated

Someone had contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 while that person was having symptoms – PHE will assess how much contact there was and ask the person to self-isolate and/ or monitor closely for symptoms

Someone had contact with a person who in turn has had contact with a confirmed case (but has no symptoms and is not a confirmed case themselves) – No action needed – no contact with a confirmed case

Rest of population – No action needed – no contact with a confirmed case

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