A community garden will be created in Woodley precinct to smarten up the town centre and help boost the local economy as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be created around the trees outside Waitrose, near the Crockhamwell Road car park, by removing the current paving slabs.

The joint project between Woodley Town Council, the Town Centre Management Initiative and Wokingham Borough Council aims to solve the problem of potential trip hazards around the four trees due to their roots dislodging paving around them.

Creating the raised community garden, which will go around the trees, removes the restrictions on the trees roots and will provide an area for the community to enjoy. A brick retaining wall will be used following feedback from residents to the town council.

New seating will be installed in the area for visitors to the town centre, as well as a notice board in the same style as those in Woodford Park. Pedestrians will still be able to walk on either side of this new garden to get to the shops.

Work will begin on 18 May and take around three weeks, with works being carried out by a contractor on behalf of the borough council. Access to all shops which are open will be maintained.

The plants and vegetation to be installed in the garden has yet to be decided with current thoughts of a school community garden, a variety of grasses or even the use of moss to absorb carbon from the atmosphere or a mixture of both. Whatever is chosen will be easy to maintain.

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