We all have mental health good days and bad days, I know I do. Some days I feel like I am on fire and there is nothing I can’t do and other days I have struggled to find motivation to do even the simplest of things.

Coronavirus has made mental health issues even more prevalent, with many in our community struggling through isolation, separation and domestic constriction.

If you haven’t experienced a mental health crisis then it is hard to explain the sensation but it isn’t as simple as smiling and getting on with things.

Putting a brave face on won’t change anything, it only delays it for a moment. Smiling only helps those around you feel better about your turmoil.

Whatever the cause of your mental health issues help is at hand. Talking can and does help. In Wokingham we have some fantastic resources available including the recently launched, It’s About Time, run by the amazing Sarah Sylvester.

If you are struggling with your mental health please speak to someone. I know first hand just how important seeking engaged help can be. In many cases the right listening ear can be life changing and saving.

Mental health issues are called the curse of the strong. Many in our community can help if you will let them, all you have to do is ask. Especially during these challenging times of Coronavirus.

Please don’t suffer alone. If you can’t speak to someone you know you can contact Mind, an amazing charity set up to help anyone suffering a mental health emergency.


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