Have you seen it yet? The Wokingham Borough Council Youth Climate Conference?

The inaugural Wokingham Youth Climate Conference was release last week, with the event adapted to run online. Originally it was meant to be held in the council chamber but it had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

Questions from students were collected in advance and I had the pleasure of putting them to a panel of staff from Wokingham Borough Council. As part of the WBC element we discussed housing, waste, energy, tree-planting, biodiversity and public health.

We also have some fantastic speeches from some guest speakers, all of whom created a video on topics of interest to our young people from across the borough. The presenters were:

Climate conference collage 664x440.jpg
  • On fast fashion – Ruth Gibbs from Oxfam
  • On climate justice – Africa Bauza Garcia-Arcicollar and Dr Alex McLaughlin from the University of Reading
  • On sustainable transport – Domhnall McFarline and Julie Pillai, My Journey Wokingham (sustainable transport)

The links to the content have been sent to schools to use relevant parts for their curriculums and to share with interested students.

We will also be sharing the content via social media and other council platforms to help inform residents about the council’s work to make Wokingham a carbon neutral borough by 2030.

Our guest speakers and staff have put together a series of fantastic presentations and panels to help young people continue to engage on Climate Change. I was delighted to be involved and ask questions on behalf of those who sent them in and it was great to hear highlights of the work we are doing to help tackle climate change in Wokingham Borough.

We know that out young people are already incredibly engaged on the topic of the climate emergency and we hope they find what we’ve put together for them educational and informative.

You can see all the video presentations yourself by visiting;

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