One of the most rewarding things about being a councillor is the pleasure of seeing something you have been involved in positively impacting on the lives of residents.

Last week I was invited to a home in Woosehill to meet one of the first recipients of home improvements funded from the ECO-flex and Help to Heat schemes that I announced at the September Executive meeting.

These schemes are aimed specifically at funding improvement to homes that will make them more energy efficient, substantially reducing energy bills and alleviating the impacts of fuel poverty. They also help to cut our Borough’s carbon footprint.

The home I visited was having cavity wall insulation injected, by a company called InstaGroup which happens to be based in Finchampstead. On behalf of the Borough Council they are also installing loft insulation and other energy saving products into our resident’s homes.

From a discussion that started earlier this year, to an announcement in September, to work underway just six weeks later, I am hugely proud to have played a part in bringing these schemes to our Borough and to our residents. I am also pleased that we can help substantially cut fuel bills, reduce our carbon footprint and help lessen fuel poverty across our borough at the same time. What is also really pleasing about these schemes is that the recipients will have more money in their pockets as a result of their reduced energy bills at zero cost to themselves.

I became a councillor to help our community. At times it can be a very challenging role, at other times the politics of politics can be tiresome. Helping to fight the affects of fuel poverty for some of our residents though, that’s a really rewarding way of your spending time.

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