Tonight I met, at a social distance, with a council colleague to discuss what can be done to the junction of Whitlock Avenue and London Road before there is an accident.

As I am sure you all know, the Whitlock Avenue junction is now left turn only. I have seen a few delivery vans still turning right there though. My first proposal for a traffic island on London Road has been rejected by Highways due to width restrictions. Julian McGhee Sumner, who has a wealth of highways experience, joined me to discuss the possibilities of what could be done instead.

We are making a new proposal to the Highways team tomorrow and I will let you know what can be done and if anything can be agreed as soon as I know.

As I know a lot of people cross London Road here while doing the school run, it is important to ensure we have a safe turning, and that we also look to protect those crossing the road here.

I recently asked Thames Valley Police to reduce the speed limit on London Road to 30mph earlier, ideally from Diamond Jubilee or from William Heelas Way. The combination of cycle lane and children crossing, for me, justifies the reduction. We have to work for the results of the Borough Speed Consultation to be released to find out of TVP police agree.

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