One of the amazing things about being a Councillor is that you get invited to do things you wouldn’t otherwise get to do. For example, on Saturday morning I was asked to speak to a joint meeting of a number of Rotary Clubs in the South East.

I spoke about Wokingham Borough and our journey towards Carbon Neutral by 2030. I was also asked to speak about potential steps that Rotary Clubs could take to help protect the environment and to be more sustainable. I chose to highlight five key areas that I feel Rotary could have a significant impact on both locally and internationally.

Firstly, I spoke about Urban Greening and how important it is to think of more than just tree planting.

Next I spoke about road miles, the need to cut the number and length of the journeys we take and I challenged each of the Rotary Clubs to remove 1million miles from their members annual total.

The third focus area I spoke about was Fuel Poverty and how vital it is, both from a climate perspective and from a humanitarian perspective to combat this societal problem.

Next I spoke about Education and the importance of Rotary using its International footprint to educate communities, children and individuals around the world on Climate Change.

Finally I challenged the attendees to cut out single use plastics from their lives, organisations and their Rotary Club.

With the local and international network that Rotary has they are uniquely positioned to have a huge impact on our global Climate. They have 1.2million members and 35,000 clubs in 200 countries. Their members lead and impact communities, organisations and political policy.

I hope I have helped inspire them to put that network to use.

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