On Thursday I had a chance to visit the new, first of it’s kind in Britain, recycling sorting robot that has just been installed at the Smallmead waste centre in Reading.

The AI powered waste picking robot is capable of sorting up to 55 items of recycling a minute as it passes by on a moving belt.

Even better, it learns and records as it goes, so not only is it helping us recycle more, it’s also logging all the recycling that goes past it, even being able to learn brands and packaging types.

The other great thing about it is that, while it can help improve our recycling efficiency, no jobs have been lost by installing it.

This amazing piece of technology, created by a company called Recycleye, will help all the RE3 Boroughs to increase our recycling rates and shows that we are innovating and working hard to lead on waste.

Excellent work RE3.

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