This morning I visited Bulmershe School to view the new solar panels on the roof.

In a first for me, there had previously been solar panels on the school roof, which have been upgraded by WBC, with the generating capacity more than doubled as a result.

The solar array that I viewed now generates enough energy to cook all the school lunches every day. The school now is now effectively cooking by sunlight.

What is happening to all of the old solar panels? They have been moved to Dinton Pastures, where they will power the aerators in the lake, further reducing the carbon footprint of our flagship country park.

Adding solar panels to our schools creates a triple benefit. Not only does is save carbon, but it also reduces the school’s energy bills directly providing additional discretionary budget for the school to spend on other things.

Wokingham Borough Council is rolling out Solar panels across the schools in our borough.

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