Thursday 17th February is Budget Day for Wokingham Borough Council. 

At a meeting of the Full Council members will meet to discuss and debate the proposed 2022-23 budget along with the investment plan, known as the Capital Programme, for the coming three years.

Cllr John Kaiser, Executive Member for Finance and Housing, has created a short video that explains the budget, where your council tax is spent and how we plan to invest to improve our community over the coming years.

You can watch the budget video by clicking on the link below.

Some key numbers to tell your friends and neighbours

  • £145m Council Budget 2022/23
  • £265m planned community improvement investment over the next 3 years.
  • NO cuts to services.
  • No increases in parking charges.
  • investing to build more social housing and to recude congestion.
  • 1.99% Council Tax Rise.
  • 1% Social Care levy which must be spent on Adult Social Care.
  • Average Band D council tax will be £1,668.58 a year (£32.09 a week).

As Clr Kaiser says in his video, “A council that is broke is no use to anybody.” For more than 20 years our budget has been balanced. This year, faced with inflation at over 5% our Borough’s Council Tax will rise just 1.99%. The remaining impact of inflation will be offset through savings and efficiencies.

In a time when neighbouring councils are declaring, or are close to declaring bankruptcy, Wokingham’s finances are sound and secure. At a time when neighbouring authorities are proposing above-inflation council tax increases, Wokingham is keeping our increase as low as possible, to help support our residents and to help support businesses and our local economy. This is only possible because of the cautious Conservative finance policies that have so successfully underpinned our community for so long.

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