During the campaign I wrote to a lot of people. Launch letters, pledge letters, news letters, manifesto leaflets, pledge cards, new voter letters.

I think over the course of the election we wrote and delivered over 12,000 pieces of literature.

But these are the best that I have written, 4 thank you card to some extra special people who made it all possible.

Thank you to everyone who went out and voted. Thank you to everyone who went out and voted for me. Thank you to every one who talked on the doorstep and encouraged me and gave me their opinion. Thank you to everyone who joined me on the campaign trail, who delivered the literature and who wrote to me.

But a special thank you to Iain and Marian, Carole and John. 4 people who made the victory possible. These guys are amazing and everything that comes from now on is due in massive part to their support, help, encouragements and lots and lots of walking.

#woky #wokingham #wokinghamtown #lovewokingham #vote #voteforme #vote4wokingham #registertovote #norreys #voteconservative #betterserviceslowertaxes #council #boroughcouncil #counciltax


Vote4Wokingham will continue as I join the council and try to build a better future.

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