It may still be cold outside but Elms Field is already getting ready for summer as a new water bottle refill fountain is installed for users of the park and play area.

As well as giving people access to fresh drinking water in the town centre, the fountain will also help the council with their ambitions to reduce plastic waste across the borough as people will be able to fill up their own bottles for free. 

“The first fountain we installed at Peach Place has proved a massive hit with visitors to the town. When the opportunity came up to install a second one as part of our Elms Field regeneration we jumped at the chance. ” commented Charlotte Haitham Taylor, executive member for regeneration. “Not only is staying hydrated essential  for people’s health, it’s also vitally important, given the climate emergency, that we encourage people to do their bit towards reducing waste and helping to protect the environment.”  

“With the park and play area located so near, along with lots of the new bike racks for the town centre, we think this is the ideal location for the new fountain and hope it will prove just as popular as the one at Peach Place over the coming years.” 

The new water refill fountain has been installed off Alexandra Court opposite Nuffield Health and close to the Elms Field open space. The location was chosen due to its proximity to both Elms Field and the wider town centre.

Other initiatives at Elms Field to help resident’s support a greener lifestyle include plentiful cycle stands for parking and the new public bike pump which was installed in June with the generous support of Wokingham Bikeathon.

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