Many might not know this, but mixing the different colours of glass reduces its ability to be recycled. Separated glass is generally recycled as other glass bottles and can be recycled over and over again. Mixed colours of glass is generally crushed and used as road aggregate. That is why I am pleased that we have so many bottle banks across Wokingham Borough.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the bottle bank at Waitrose Wokingham to deposit some wine bottles. I was surprised to see this….

Interestingly the banks themselves had been emptied but still there were numerous bottles lined up.

Having spoken to our WBC waste and recycling team, today the same area looks like this.

Thank you WBC for going back and tidying up, and thank you to all our residents who make the effort to recycle their glass bottles. Recycling like this means our glass can be used over and over again. Keep up the great work.

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